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A 25 year roof may only last 15 years without being cleaned !

Many homeowners believe that the black spots, black streaks and roof mold are actually the shingle asphalt exposed through granule loss. It's NOT! The black stains and roof shingle streaks are actually ROOF ALGAE, and ROOF MOLD living on TOP of the asphalt roof shingles.

Reasons to clean your roof

  • prolong effective roof life
  • remove organic problems
  • improve aesthetic curb appeal
  • remove health risks

We are Fully Qualified

  • over 20 years in Central Ohio
  • long list of satisfied clients
  • up to date on current technologies
  • licensed, insured and bonded

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Don't Just Take Our Word For it

“I picked RoofClean  to do my personal home as well as our "Design Center"....I would highly recommend folks call Roof Clean......” testimonials

-Henry Diyanni
President, Diyanni Homes

"I would highly recommend George to clean a roof. He has a good work ethic and demonstrates a high level of professionalism. "

-Micheal Taylor
-Pickerington Police Chief


Why replace a perfectly good roof?

Ten years ago a badly discolored

or organically overgrown roof would have been cause for replacement. At RoofClean  we pride ourselves in educating our customers about the proper care and maintenance of their roof. There is a high probability that a discolored roof may not need replacing and just needs RoofClean